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Statement on COVID-19: Thank you for your interest and flexibility as we all work together to navigate through this unprecedented time. Our program values your staff, students and administration. We will do our best to provide an experience that is educational and safe. If you have additional questions on our safety protocol, please feel free to contact us at

Our program is best suited for the outdoors. Each school will be responsible for the seating and distancing of students and the number of students/staff viewing each presentation. We are willing to adjust our schedule to fit the safety protocols for each school.  Please share your protocol with our instructor before his/her arrival. Please note that our program will not distribute promotional or educational items during the COVID-19 outbreak.   Click here to view our safety procedure

Do you know how milk gets from the cow to your glass? Learn first-hand with Georgia's Mobile Dairy Classroom!

The Mobile Dairy Classroom is a dynamic and fun educational program operated by the Agricultural Commodity Commission for Milk. The 30 ft. Mobile Dairy Classroom features a fully operational milking parlor containing a live cow used for milking and feeding demonstrations. The goal of the program is to provide children and adults with a better understanding of where milk comes from, how it is processed, the healthy benefits of consuming dairy products and dairy farmers' management of natural resources.

Schedule a visit from the Mobile Dairy Classroom for your school, Ag Day or other special event today!

GA's MDC is on Twitter too!

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